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Anh Does Italy

This two-part show follows TV presenter Anh Do as he travels from the Italian Alps all the way down the Italian peninsula to Puglia, and discovers strange and interesting local customs and foods along the way! From the German-speaking slap- dancers of Tyrol in the Alps to the pasta nonnas of Bari in the south, Anh tastes the best Italy has to offer. In Venice he becomes a Gondolier; in Verona he is enthralled by the eternal romance of Romeo and Juliet, and takes part as an extra in Aida in the Arena. In Tuscany he discovers cheese bowling and flag-throwing, and then test drives a hand-made Lamborghini, takes on a couple of centurions in a chariot race, and settles on a manic Segway tour of Rome, stopping to help clean some fountains on the way. He climbs into the crater of Mt Vesuvius to make sure everything is ok and cooks a chicken dinner in the volcanic sands of Ischia. He swaps the Segway for a thrilling Vespa tour of the Amalfi Coast ending in the most delicious lunch with the most magnificent views imaginable. Everywhere Anh goes he meets the people and tastes the food that makes Italy an adventure not to be missed. We helped the producers with suggestions for story ideas and set up the locations, organizing access, permits, contributors and travel for this very long road trip with Anh!




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