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Top Gear
The Italian segment of Top Gear turned out really brilliantly, and everyone here was thrilled with the result. It wouldn't have been possible without Fabio's support, both in pre-production when he took care of so many of our varied, and often last-minute demands, and during filming with his reliable, friendly and reassuring presence on location.
Nick Dalton
Greatest Dishes
Fabio went the extra mile: in personality, professionalism and a 'can do' attitude. If you're filming in Italy, you'll be in safe hands with FilmItaly! We had an airport strike, and then food poisoning - all taken in Fabio's stride and with a smile. A new bus arranged to meet us and transport us to Rome, the perfect locations and great accommodation for the shoot, and medicine for me. Brilliant!
Steve Shearman
Baby Boom to Bust
Fabio not only helped us with locations, permits, and all the things to top off a wonderful shoot - great places to eat, accommodation close to the centre of Rome where you can actually park a crew vehicle - he and his wife Marinella helped us over a long period with story development and research. We couldn't have done it without them. With their help, we had fabulous, welcoming and accommodating talent upon arrival in Italy, experts to interview, and most importantly, a story. Fabio also helped everything move along smoothly despite lost equipment on the flight over, and health problems culminating in a crew member going to hospital for X-rays(!) The fact that we all look back on it as a wonderful shoot is in large part to you .... Thanks!
Ili Barè
Avec Eric
Dear Fabio, we never could have done it without you, your knowledge of the highways, bi-ways, villages and people we were able to reach with you. And that doesn't even begin to address your hard work and participation at every level of making our work in Italy so successful. Thank you so much.
Geoffrey Drummon